Lambeau Seat Cusions

Cush"on" or cush"off"?

If you have been to Lambeau then you know that especially on cold Seat Cusionsgame, it realy help to have some sort of barrier between your rump and the cold than ice, iconic bleacher.

 With the new safety rules put in place by the NFL (which I do not have a probablem with)  many people I have taled with still have different understanding in the NFL Seat Cusion policy for Lambeau Field.

Can I still dig in the gagbage for a piece of cardboard?

Can I bring in my seat with a built in flask?

What about the packer blanket with the ketchup, beer  and hot cocalte stains that has not been washed since the Ice Bowl?

Well here is the best explanation - 

Cush-on or Cush-off


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