Suck It Up Buttercup

Sure it's cold, but this is still Packer Season.

Frozen Tundra - get it?!?

These pictures were taken at the Giants (bastards) game in 2008 and yes it was -1

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Latest news crew

Add another news crew to the list of Das Bus fans.

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trying the slop

Seattle Gate

Update**  I know - I know, this is soooo last year.  Like everyone else should be, I am over it, but these are still a little funny.**

We all saw it  - You can't argue and if you do, you must have been a replacement ref at some point.


Goal Prost

Over the years Das Bus has added things, updated equipment and just changed stuff.   Every once in awhile lightning strikes and an idea is born that aligns itself with the legend of the Skinny Pirate packer tailgate bus. It may come from idle conversation or perhaps a meeting of the minds over a cold pizza, but the good ones (much like the Captain Palmer) are born in a realm that dreams are made of.

Sure, we have had our share of special shot glasses and a few "Shot Skis" have slide in and out, but late last season, something arrived that will forever change the Das Bus Tailgates.  Widely accepted and feared by some I give you

The Goal Prost 

IMG 0664

IMG 0666

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